Jewelry Care

With proper care, your jewelry will last for years to come! Here are a few helpful tips to keep it looking beautiful.

Materials: Our gold filled jewelry is created with an outer layer of entirely 14k gold that is pressure-bonded to the brass base metal and contains at least 5% gold by weight.  This makes it more durable than solid gold or plated jewelry and provides a longer life span for your pieces provided they are cared for correctly. All of our jewelry is hypoallergenic and lead/nickel free. Please be cautious if you have an allergy to brass as our gold filled jewelry contains this metal and your skin may have a reaction. Gold filled jewelry is second to solid gold in terms of quality and is number one in affordability, durability and longevity.

Chemicals: While our jewelry is sweat, swim, and shower-proof, we do recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to hot tubs and spas especially with Sterling Silver as it can oxidize under those conditions.

Cleaning: Gold filled jewelry requires very low maintenance but please follow the LL Jewelry Care Card you received with your purchase. It will still need some self-love every 30 days or so as it is going through life every day with you. Clean it with a polishing cloth, dawn soap and water. Otherwise a glass cleaner will do.